Quality has its own History. Founded in 1983 by Fabio Pazzaglia in the county of Pistoia, Pazzaglia' factory has grown from a small machine shop into a modern factory that produces and sells its own nursery machines becoming the first worldwide. Over the years their industry leading engineers and highly trained workforce have designed and assembled thousands of machines for a worldwide nursery market. The factory itself is located in the perfect proving ground for their equipment - the renowned Pistoia growing region of Italy. Pistoia is home to over 2.500 nurseries and considered the nursery capital of Europe.

All of Pazzaglia's production stands out for the countless innovative solutions patented and employed, like the FZ50 root balling machine known as the smallest in the world in the nursery industry, opposed to the FZ200 root balling machine, with its imposing equipment, the flagship of the company. 

For more information about PAZZAGLIA machines please visit: http://www.pazzaglia.it/

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